Don Allen is the Mayor of the Township of Springwater. File photo.

Allen "glad to see 2020 come to an end," looking forward to 2021

By Hale Mahon | Local News

January 19, 2021

Editor’s Note: As we enter 2021, we all have our goals and aspirations for the coming year. In the spirit of optimism, we decided to ask some of our local public figures about their thoughts on 2020 and what they see coming in the New Year.


Mayor Don Allen has been focused on the residents of Springwater as we continue to battle COVID-19. We caught up with him to ask his thoughts on a difficult year and see what he thinks 2021 will hold.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned from 2020?

We all were glad to see 2020 come to an end. In my role as Mayor of Springwater, some valuable lessons were reinforced to me. Having the right staff working together as a team with each other, myself and Council is always key to accomplishing good things. The good working relationships I have developed with our local Provincial and Federal politicians, other Mayors and Simcoe County Councillors, all helping to share ideas, best practices and support continues to be very beneficial. People working together can accomplish great things.

We saw constant examples of the dedication and selflessness of front-line workers and service providers, and that continues with more waves of the pandemic, so we need to do our part to be fair to them and to others.

It was also important to keep the necessary things in perspective and to continue to appreciate all that we have to be thankful for in Springwater and Simcoe County.

What are some of the strategies you used to remain positive in this difficult year?

Successfully getting through this past year required effective ongoing communication and showing mutual respect and consideration for team members. Remaining positive required constant focus on defined goals and ensuring they progressively got advanced or completed, even with the limitations imposed by the pandemic. Some examples of this in Springwater included completing the new Elmvale Foodbank building, completing the negotiations to purchase the Hasty Tracks property and continuing economic development growth with projects such as Western Mechanical starting to move operations to Springwater, just to name a few. Also, we improved our use of technology to accomplish our new style of conducting business. Thank you to the I.T. department!

What are you looking forward to personally to in 2021?

I, along with everyone else, am looking forward to eliminating the advancement of COVID-19. When more vaccines are available, I want to see a co-ordinated efficient plan to get them distributed and completed for all, so that we can start back to a new normal. In 2021, I am looking forward to continuing to accomplish and finalize projects which are progressing, as well as new projects planned in Springwater. Finally, after vaccination, I am looking forward to travelling with my wife to see family and friends.

What professional items are you looking to achieve in the New Year?

I have always been a believer of lifelong learning through self education and I continue to do that. I am looking to improve with some interests and hobbies I have undertaken.

What do you think the New Year will hold for your riding/ward/area/industry?

In 2021, we will develop a way out of this pandemic and return to a new normal. Springwater is at the beginning of significant growth over the next 20 years. We need to plan properly for this and execute on that plan. Decisions we make will have significant impact on the future, so we need to take the time to ensure they are right.