Midhurst Newsletter celebrates 50 years

By Hale Mahon | Dignitaries' Updates

December 1, 2020

Midhurst Newsletter logo. File photo.

Midhurst Newsletter is very excited to be celebrating our 50th year of serving Midhurst this year. In commemoration of our 50th anniversary, check out the memories of the Midhurst Newsletter below.

The lady who was the first editor… lived on the road off 27. Then Marjory Spence was editor before passing it along to Carol Forget. I ran it off a gestetner in the Community Hall (and eventually moved over to the County building), and the Orsers, Isabel Nash and others gathered it together and a group of people distributed it in Midhurst.

— Ann Spence

As a youngster, I used to deliver it to people's mailboxes (the ones everyone had at the end of their driveways!) I don't recall how I ended up starting that but it was good exercise and fun to do with friends sometimes!

— Cheryl Miske

I delivered on Park Trail in the 90s. Those were long steep driveways.

— Caitlin Gervais

When we first moved to Midhurst I discovered the great volunteers who produced a little newsletter for the Village. At one point Donna Van Nispen let us assemble the copies in her lovely rec room - a nice change from the cold hall on winter mornings. So many volunteers in recent years like Jane, Susan, Giselle, Charlotte, Jo, Eleanor and George who even drove down from Elmvale after they moved and a group of challenged young adults from Barrie who always made us smile. One highlight was the "Christmas Tea" where all of us brought home baked goodies and things like fruit trays to share. Our helpers from Barrie loved this special time.

— Connie Spek