Remembrance Day a "significant time of reflection": MP Shipley

By Doug Shipley, MP | Dignitaries' Updates

November 1, 2020

Doug Shipley, MP for Barrie - Springwater - Oro-Medonte is shown in a file photo.

Remembrance Day is a significant time of reflection for Canadians across this great nation. This is a time to honour the sacrifices and to remember the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve our country during times of conflict and war. Canada has always had a proud military history. Canadian soldiers have always answered the call of duty when our nation needs them. Our soldiers served Canada with honor and distinction on all missions abroad, and on the homefront helping Canadians in their time of need. Our soldiers have always been there for our nation. Therefore, we remember, honor and respect the legacy of Canadian soldiers on Remembrance Day. The sacrifices made by the brave men and women in uniform must never be forgotten. It is our duty as Canadians to come together uniting behind and remembering those who have sacrificed beyond what could be asked of them in the name of protecting our families and our country. As we approach Remembrance Day, I urge everyone to remember the heroic sacrifices of the fallen, and the service of past and current Canadians that have answered the call of duty. Remembering the honorable legacy of Canadian Forces members and their sacrifices made, is a proud duty every Canadian should carry out.

On November 11 th I encourage you to take time to remember those who gave so much for the freedoms we enjoy. Those who left, never to return. Those who returned and were never the same. And those who waited at home for news from their parents, children, siblings or friends. We will always remember with great pride and humility the battles you fought, the casualties you endured, and the sacrifice you bore. You made the world a better place, and you ensured that Canada remains the True North, Strong and Free.

Doug Shipley is the Member of Parliament for Barrie—Springwater—Oro-Medonte. He can be reached at