Community safety top of mind for Councillor Hanna

By Jack Hanna, Councillor for Ward 5 | Dignitaries' Updates

December 1, 2020

Springwater Township Ward 5 Councillor Jack Hanna is shown in a file photo.

The following may be of interest to residents who receive the Midhurst Newsletter:

Speeding in residential areas

This is an ongoing concern for many residents in Springwater. The Township of Springwater has a traffic calming policy. If speeding is a problem in your area, please review the policy for guidance on how to voice your concerns.

here/resources/Documents/RoadsandSidewalks/Traffic-Calming-Policy-web.pdf Traffic laws have limited impact on some motorists who are not concerned with enforcement. We do not have the luxury of constant enforcement in all areas and many would not want that level of surveillance. When policing is concentrated in problem areas, the results generally reveal compliance to the rules of the road. Physical barriers are one of the effective ways to reduce speeding. Midhurst residents may recall the excessive speeding that existed on Pools Rd. and St Vincent St. before stop signs were established. Speeds over a 100 km were frequently recorded. While speeding still occurs the numbers are way down. I was criticised by some for supporting the stop signs. One lady who stated I should be kicked out of office for doing so, has since requested a stop sign on the street she lives on. Photo radar is extremely effective and may be possible in the future. The most recent initiative to try and slow motorists down when rounding the curves on St Vincent St. are rumble strip grooves cut in the approaching lanes. The grooves are intended to alert motorists that they need to slow down to navigate the curves safely. Additional signage and possible painting to identify the grooves may occur in the spring. The implementation of centerline surface level reflectors is being evaluated. This safety initiative received the

unanimous support of Council and staff. Thank you! There have been resident requests for guide rails to be installed that may keep vehicles from frequently ending up in the ditch. Would guide rails create an increased potential of head on collisions by deflecting out of control vehicles into oncoming traffic? There is nothing wrong with the road, if motorists travel with due care and attention for weather and road conditions.

Midhurst Community Recreation Association (MCRA) (Midhurst Hall Board)

The annual election of the MCRA executive took place on Nov 10th. The volunteers who stepped up and were elected are: Chair – Hale Mahon, Vice Chair – Carol Fleming, Recording Secretary – Doreen Britt, Soapbox Derby Coordinators – Jim and Helena Howell, Advertising/Sales – Nadia Deamicis, Winter Pavilion Manager – Mike Velema. Congratulations. On behalf of the residents of Midhurst thank you for your commitment. Special thanks to Roy Monk and Lori Hanna who have retired after many years of dedicated commitment to the MCRA, organizing major community events and leading/supporting the efforts to get a pavilion 90% funded through development charges, 5% by MCRA fundraising and 5% by taxpayers.


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Stay healthy, stay happy!

Jack Hanna is the Ward 5 Councillor for the Township of Springwater. He can be reached at