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COLUMN: Welcome to 2021

By Hale Mahon | Editor's Note

January 9, 2021

2020 was an interesting year. It was a difficult year for so many people and no one was untouched by the pandemic.

In my Editor’s Note in the January 2020 Midhurst Newsletter, I remember writing how we can “look forward to the future with optimism as we think of what the future will hold.” Maybe I was a little bit off. Being completely honest, this year has been tough on everyone.

I also remember writing about how the 2010s were a “Decade to Remember.” I think 2020 will be an even more memorable year for everyone well into the future. Memorable for a few reasons. It will be memorable in the ways we didn’t wish it to be; we will remember the hardships and difficulties that we were forced to face this year. We will remember the struggles of working from home, working in an essential workplace, or losing a job. Some may unfortunately have to remember the illness or loss of a loved one.

But we will also remember it for good reasons. We will remember in the early days of the pandemic when life slowed right down and we spent more time with our families. We will remember the new interests and new hobbies we took up. We will remember how we became more grateful for even the little things, like talking to family on the phone or visiting with friends from a safe distance.

This month’s Newsletter is a bit shorter than usual, but still features lots of great content, including service updates for local businesses and facilities, information on the Midhurst Outdoor Rink, and new events and recreation initiatives of the Midhurst Hall Board (MCRA). We are also very lucky to have a new culinary contributor, Courtney Noonan. A new resident of Midhurst, her website — loveandgoodstuff.com — is full of simple yet delicious recipes and we are happy to have her joining our Midhurst Newsletter team.

As always, we have lots of opportunities available with the Midhurst Newsletter. Send us a note to spotlight a neighbour or a local business, write a letter to the editor on an important community issue, or share a piece of local news. Whatever you're interested in, we want to hear from you. Email your content to editor@MidhurstNewsletter.com to be featured.

On behalf of the Midhurst Newsletter, I want to thank you for your dedicated readership and for helping us in our mission to inform, entertain, and provide a voice for Midhurst residents.

Wishing you a bright and positive 2021 and all the best in the New Year.

With thanks,

Hale Mahon

Community Editor

The Midhurst Newsletter