Springwater Library CEO Jodie Delgado (bottom left) presents at Tiny Township council. Photo from MidlandToday.com.

Delgado: "Libraries will be a valuable online presence in 2021"

By Hale Mahon | Local News

January 14, 2021

Editor’s Note: As we enter 2021, we all have our goals and aspirations for the coming year. In the spirit of optimism, we decided to ask some of our local public figures about their thoughts on 2020 and what they see coming in the New Year.


Community has been top of mind for Jodie Delgado as she has navigated the pandemic as CEO of the Springwater Public Library. We caught up with her to ask her thoughts on a difficult year and see what she thinks 2021 will hold.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned from 2020?

It is important to spend time with family, be flexible and take advantage of opportunities that are found within the challenges we face.

What are some of the strategies you used to remain positive in this difficult year?

At times it was difficult to remain positive, I’ll admit! Luckily the weather was amazing this year so getting outside was very helpful for exercise and remaining positive. I read some great books which always relaxes me. I also tried to remember that there are many who have greater difficulties and I am actually really lucky to be living where I am, with the family I have. Also I ate a lot of chocolate.

What are you looking forward to personally to in 2021?

I am impressed with how my children have handled all the changes in their lives due to COVID-19, so I am looking forward to seeing how they have grown and matured. I can’t wait to meet people in person again. The vaccine, of course!

What professional items are you looking to achieve in the New Year?

I am excited about how Springwater Public Library has been able to connect to the community with our virtual programs, and with training for staff and new technology, we will be able to better provide access to learning and entertainment. The Library is working on a Strategic Plan that will help us with our digital projects. Library staff have been amazing throughout the pandemic, and I can’t wait to see what else their creative minds come up with!

What do you think the New Year will hold for your riding/ward/area/industry?

Libraries across the province have demonstrated that they are an essential service, especially in regards to disseminating accurate information, providing access to technology and Wi-Fi, and access to both physical and digital material and services. Our digital library will only increase in importance and use. There is a great need for good internet across the municipality and province, and that has been recognized at higher levels. Libraries will be a valuable online presence in 2021 and hopefully soon will open in person again as well. Springwater residents have been very supportive of the library over the past year and made great use of our digital services and programs, as well as curbside checkout, and we foresee even greater use of the library in 2021.